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Pastor Charles Frederick Resume

P.O.Box 23972
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33307
Phone: 954-734-0368

We are under construction
Please come back soon or call us for more information

1988 Gulfstream IV
Price Lowered! Sellers are extremely motivated!
Call us today for more information or send your offer!

PERFECT GII ONLY $2,200,000.00

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1989 Challenger 601-3A
Extremely motivated seller! We guarantee that our clients are the most motivated sellers in the Challenger 601-3A market! If you have a client with even the slightest interest in a Challenger 601-3A it will be worth your time to take a look at this aircraft! We promise that all offers will be very seriously considered.
Best buy in market
ready to Fly

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If it flys we can sell it or buy it for you. If it is broken we will still make an offer.

For English call Charles Frederick 954-734-0368 email info@cfacs.com
For Spanish Carmen Villaurrutia 956-618-8965 villaurrut@aol.com
For Portuguese's 954-491-8755 brazart@brazart.net

For single and twin engine Bob Schalit 580-470-8805 wwwings@simplynet.net

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