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Email us for information concerning your being ordained by CFACS, Inc.
All materials can be order separately


$10.00 Donation or more

Foundation of God's House
CFACS, Inc. Academy Purpose to teach Mission to Baptize in the Holy Spirit. Results set creation free. Completion to be Ordained in your calling

$49.99 Donation or more

Walking your Vision
(3 Cd's with a Book - About 84 ways to success using the Bible)

$20.00 Donation or more

Take me Back I-IV
How to be a better Christ like leader is. A book that will teach you in 82 steps


$5.00 Donation or more

Finding a Partner

$299.00 Donation or more

Bibles Study academy plus 49 cd's and bible. Books download from web plus upon completion of class individual will be ordained.

$30.00 Donation or more

Pre- Marital and Walking your vison five cd's plus books download from web $30.00 Donation or more

$29.99 Donation or more

Eveything you need to know about the book of Hebrews on a RW CD 164 page with a Power Point presentation APA format training module and a 78 minute audio CD. Comparing three different versions of Hebrews with all related material.



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