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Physical exercise

Exercise is a physical activity, which purpose is to improve components of physical fitness. In the last years our bodies have changed, and many components are responsible that we do not be as physically as many years ago. Technology has changed this, since automobiles, cellular phones, drive-through restaurants, and elevators make it more convenient for people. For that reason it is necessary to exercise, and there are many alternatives to choose from.
The physical component is a very important part to be healthy, and many people take it for granite. When exercising we improve the bodies ability to do more with less afford. There are many important aspects why physical fitness is important:

1. improve respiration
2. improve cardiac output
3. improve vascular systems
4. increase muscular strength and endurance
5. increase bone density
6. improve flexibility
7. social experience
8. better feeling

Improve respiration will help to more oxygen in the lungs, and after time on will become more efficient in the physical routine. In fact, one can not only exercise longer, but also breathe easier. The improvement of cardiac output is the productivity of your heart. Ones heart gets stronger with a regular exercise. With exercising the heart get more blood and it will get more efficient. The arteries and veins become cleaner, which is an improvement of the vascular system. The number of blood vessel increase, too. Even the blood pressure improves trough exercising.

The increase in muscular strength is also very important, since one has to use the muscles to exercise. Exercise will strengthen the muscles, and it will help that you maintain training over time.
With exercising one will increase the bone density, since with every workout the muscles will massage the bones. Here, bones will grow, which keeps them more healthy and dense. Improve flexibility creates a good feeling among people who workout. It will help to increase mobility among ones body.

Social experience is great since people interact in gyms and other sports facilities. One has the opportunity to meet people, and exercising even help building ones self-confidence. A better feeling is almost guaranteed when exercising.

People have many excuses why they think they cannot exercise. However, the number one response is that they do not have enough time. They do not realize that one has to make a choice how they want to spend their time. Nowadays, we can even workout at home, for example by watching a fitness video. One can go for a walk, which is also a great exercise.

Other reasons for people not to exercise are that they do not like to sweat, or they do not know what particular exercise they should do. However, here are some exercises on can consider doing:


Walking is a great exercise and we have to do it in our daily lives. The major key is that it has to be done frequently and intensively. One should do walk for a certain time to get an intensive exercise out of it. In fact, walking is a low-impact activity, and one can almost walk everywhere.
On the other hand, running is a high-impact aerobic, and it produces endorphins, which are feel-good hormones. Jogging is slower than running, and it is not as intense. Running stimulates bone and growth density. However, running can cause musculoskeletal injuries, which are often knee or hip problems.

Riding a bike for a fitness purpose is different than riding a bike for fun. One has to be intense using the bicycle as a workout tool. In any event, it should be done for a certain time to get the optimum workout. There is a small risk in riding a bike, since one has to leave the ground when exercising.
Swimming is very gentle to your body, and one of the best exercising activities. Here, one can build strength and endurance. People who are afraid of getting hurt while exercising should try swimming. Water is healing on one can improve flexibility and get a cardiovascular fitness. Even for beginners they are always classes offered in schools and college, and they vary from young to old.

There are many more exercise activities, and one has only to look what is best of them. Stretching can be done at home and it reduces muscular tension, and it makes the body feel relaxed. One should stretch in the morning after getting out of the bed. In fact, stretching should also be done before exercising, which prevents injuries and makes activities easier to accomplish.
Exercise is also known to reduce stress. Twenty to thirty minutes will help to relive stress in the body and mind. This is a popular way to reduce stress, and it is even better if one enjoys the exercise activity.

In conclusion, people always look for excuses not to exercises. However, time and age should not be an excuse not to exercise. As mentioned earlier, many exercises can be done at home, and one can always make time to exercise. People have to be aware of their body, and they have to take care of it. People who exercise are more conscious about their body, and feel changes easily.

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